Paper theatre june 22 & 23

WITH Members of ARtist Group »Kölner Kästchentreffen«

Performances on Saturday at 7 pm and on Sunday at 3 pm.

Due to the limitation of 20 participants, please register in advance!

The chance meeting of an umbrella and a sewing machine on the dissecting table (Voilà Lautréamont) would be the possible beginning of a paper theatre of the artist group Kölner Kästchentreffen.

For more than 25 years, the friends have been developing new programmes for paper and object theatre and performing them together. Based on a traditional 19th century form of theatre, they have all developed their own style over many years. Using paper, wood, cardboard, found objects and music, they independently create 5 to 15-minute plays on self-designed stages. The designs and moods of the pieces vary according to the different characters and temperaments of the players. Silent figures move from left to right. The artists unfold into performers of their own visual worlds.

Using the means of quirky collage, sound installations and folded time, the audience is whisked away into poetic spaces. Watch out, dark! The stages illuminate small worlds and lead back to the big one at the end; to the exit.






We love having guests! 

Our visitors know the great atmosphere of our wonderful inner courtyard - and how cozy it can be to enjoy this with a (not empty!) glass in one hand and a sandwich with herbs in the other. 

Be it on the occasion of our opening of the main exhibition a week before Easter, be it at vernissages in the course of extensions or changes to the exhibition - or just to have a cozy picnic. 

For musical accompaniment the »travel orchestra« has become a kind of fixed star in this respect. What we unfortunately have less control over is the weather. But if it plays along, we like to push our intended curfew a little further into the evening or night.


As part of Eat Art, Daniel Spoerri has developed a series of banquets that take the traditional form of a seated dinner as a framework and follow various artistic concepts. 

The use of the random principle, the element of surprise or strictly composed concept meals await the visitors. The aim is to explore eating habits and to question them artistically. The main focus is less on the culinary side and more on Daniel Spoerri's ideas. 

After a first »field test« in 2019 (a 13-course »beef tripe menu« celebrated by Roman Steger), we hosted four banquets and a picnic during the 2020 season. 

It was almost a matter of course that the »Palindromic Banquet« was at the exact peak of the season, after all, at this banquet you eat the menu - at least as far as the visual side is concerned - in reverse, i.e. in mirrored order.

When, while planning the banquets, Daniel Spoerri said that one could, no, one had to use these banquets for a series of snare pictures, we were of course enthusiastic. 

For each of the banquets that were realized, a table was selected towards the end of the menu sequence, which was »fixed« by Susanne Neumann in the following days and thus became a »snare picture« . 

The four snare pictures from the banquets were joined by two more, in which the trap spontaneously snapped shut during a picnic in the museum's courtyard and garden - which means that the »Hadersdorf« series now comprises six works. 

On this occasion, we would like to thank all those visitors who sat at one of the snare picture tables (or on one of the picnic blankets) for their participation, and in particular for even bringing personal items »into the trap«. 

Concerts / Performances / Readings

The wonderful hall in the »second house« is predestined for musical events. Whether swing, whether baroque music or a »journey« with the traveling orchestra - we don't plan according to genres, but simply present good music in a first-class interpretation in a casual setting. 

We also try to do justice to the theater frame of the room - be it with extremely atmospheric stories in the form of a »flip-book« or the filigree short presentations of minimalist paper theatre. 

Readings and book presentations complete the additional program during an exhibition season, which we self-critically describe as still too sporadic and vow to get better...

Workshops / Open House

Cooking courses, strudel-making workshop, supper congress - we want to encourage our visitors to participate. 

With the workshops aimed at schoolchildren, in which the focus is on actively participating in the creation of art, we strive to spark in the next generation the curiosity to discover, arouse enthusiasm for museums, or perhaps even give the impetus for their own artistic activity.


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