The regular long newsletters from Ben Vautier in our mailbox are history.

He has persistently sent words into the world, and we are grateful for the title he gave us for his exhibition in 2022 - the first solo exhibition in Austria and testimony to his long friendship with Daniel Spoerri:

I am not dead yet
Je ne suis pas encore mort
Ich bin Noch Nicht Tot
Non sono ancora morto

With this sentence, too, he is right: he remains vital!

We will always fondly remember him and his wife Annie, who created an impressive centre of artistic life high above Nice.

Thank you Annie! Thank you Ben! Bon Voyage!



APRIL 01 – OCTOBER 29, 2017

This magnificent exhibition showed works by Rozbeh Asmani, Rudolf Bonvie, Karoline Bröckel, Katharina Duwen, Werner Henkel, the artificial flower manufactory, Christiane Löhr, Scénocosme, Dieter Seitz, Daniel Spoerri, Golbarg Tavakolian, Barbara Camilla Tucholski, Herman de Vries, Martin Weimar, and from the collections of Admont Abbey and the Watering Can Museum (Giessen). 

Plants in art are much more than still lifes with flowers. Albrecht Dürer's well-known depiction of a piece of grass, a classic study of nature, appears in contemporary art as a piece of grass that has actually been cut out and placed behind glass (Herman de Vries), and at other times as a paper cut out of artificial turf (Werner Henkel). 

The longing of city dwellers for a piece of nature gives plants a social component. Parks are referred to as »social green«. Allotment gardens are also an expression of this longing, as the drawings by Barbara Camilla Tucholski delicately illustrate. 

Plants gain economic importance when they are used as medicines or insecticides because of their ingredients – which Rozbeh Asmani took up as a central theme. 

The fact that plants can also become artistic material was shown in the sculptures made of grass and seeds by Christiane Löhr and in the photographs by Katharina Duwen, who experimented primarily with grass seeds and staged the results in spectacular photographs. Finally, the watering can in all its forms was honored as a symbol of the gardener's labors and duties (Watering Can Museum, Giessen). 

Exhibition period: April 01 – October 29, 2017


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